Stats Config


Metric instance configuration overrides. The metric value and the metric type are optional and permit changing the reported value for an existing metric. The standard metrics are optimized and reported through a “fast-path”. The customizations allow full configurability, at the cost of a “slower” path.

Field Type Description
dimensions map<string, string>

(Optional) Collection of tag names and tag expressions to include in the metric. Conflicts are resolved by the tag name by overriding previously supplied values.

name string

(Optional) Metric name to restrict the override to a metric. If not specified, applies to all.

tagsToRemove string[]

(Optional) A list of tags to remove.

match string

NOT IMPLEMENTED. (Optional) Conditional enabling the override.


Field Type Description
name string

Metric name.

value string

Metric value expression.

type MetricType

NOT IMPLEMENTED (Optional) Metric type.


Name Description


Field Type Description
debug bool

next id: 7 The following settings should be rarely used. Enable debug for this filter.

maxPeerCacheSize int32

maximum size of the peer metadata cache. A long lived proxy that connects with many transient peers can build up a large cache. To turn off the cache, set this field to a negative value.

statPrefix string

prefix to add to stats emitted by the plugin.

fieldSeparator string

Stats api squashes dimensions in a single string. The squashed string is parsed at prometheus scrape time to recover dimensions. The following 2 fields set the field and value separators {key: value} –> key{valueseparator}value{fieldseparator}

valueSeparator string

default: “==”

disableHostHeaderFallback bool

Optional: Disable using host header as a fallback if destination service is not available from the controlplane. Disable the fallback if the host header originates outsides the mesh, like at ingress.

tcpReportingDuration google.protobuf.Duration

Optional. Allows configuration of the time between calls out to for TCP metrics reporting. The default duration is 15s.

metrics MetricConfig[]

Metric overrides.

definitions MetricDefinition[]

Metric definitions.

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