Stackdriver Config


Field Type Description Required
disableServerAccessLogging bool

Optional. Controls whether to export server access log.

destinationServiceName string

Optional. FQDN of destination service that the request routed to, e.g. productpage.default.svc.cluster.local. If not provided, request host header will be used instead

enableMeshEdgesReporting bool

Optional. Controls whether or not to export mesh edges to a mesh edges service. This is disabled by default.

meshEdgesReportingDuration Duration

Optional. Allows configuration of the time between calls out to the mesh edges service to report NEW edges. The minimum configurable duration is 10s. NOTE: This option ONLY configures the intermediate reporting of novel edges. Once every 10m, all edges observed in that 10m window are reported and the local cache is cleared. The default duration is 1m. Any value greater than 10m will result in reporting every 10m.

maxPeerCacheSize int32

maximum size of the peer metadata cache. A long lived proxy that connects with many transient peers can build up a large cache. To turn off the cache, set this field to a negative value.

disableHostHeaderFallback bool

Optional: Disable using host header as a fallback if destination service is not available from the controlplane. Disable the fallback if the host header originates outsides the mesh, like at ingress.

maxEdgesBatchSize int32

Optional. Allows configuration of the number of traffic assertions to batch into a single request. Default is 100. Max is 1000.

disableHttpSizeMetrics bool

Optional. Allows disabling of reporting of the request and response size metrics for HTTP traffic. Defaults to false (request and response size metrics are enabled).

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