Wavefront by VMware

This component was created and is maintained by an Istio partner. Please address support questions to the partner directly.

The wavefront adapter collects metrics and makes them available to Wavefront by VMware.

This adapter supports the metric template.


Configuration format for the wavefront adapter.

Field Type Description
direct Params.WavefrontDirect (oneof)

The credentials for direct ingestion.

proxy Params.WavefrontProxy (oneof)

The credentials for ingestion via a Wavefront Proxy.

flushInterval google.protobuf.Duration

The metrics flush interval.

source string

The source tag for all metrics handled by this adapter.

prefix string

The prefix to prepend all metrics handled by the adapter.

metrics Params.MetricInfo[]

The set of metrics to publish to Wavefront.

logs Params.Logs

The log configuration.


Describes the logging configuration.

Field Type Description
level string

The log level (one of error, warn, info, debug, or none). Ex: info


Describes how a metric should be represented on Wavefront.

Field Type Description
name string

The metric name. (Optional)

instanceName string

The fully qualified Istio metric instance name.

type Params.MetricInfo.Type

The metric type.

sample Params.MetricInfo.Sample

For metrics with type HISTOGRAM, this describes the sample definition.


Describes a sample as in the rcrowley/go-metrics library.

Field Type Description
expDecay Params.MetricInfo.Sample.ExpDecay (oneof)

Definition of an exponentially decaying sample.

uniform Params.MetricInfo.Sample.Uniform (oneof)

Definition of a uniform sample.


Describes an exponentially decaying sample.

Field Type Description
reservoirSize int32

The reservoir size.

alpha double

The alpha.


Describes a uniform sample.

Field Type Description
reservoirSize int32

The reservoir size.


Describes metric types as in Wavefront.

Name Description

Reserved for unknown metric types.


Represents a gauge metric type.


Represents a counter metric type.


Represents a delta counter metric type.


Represents a histogram metric type.


Describes Wavefront Server credentials.

Field Type Description
server string

The Wavefront server URL. Ex: https://mydomain.wavefront.com

token string

The Wavefront API token.


Describes Wavefront Proxy credentials.

Field Type Description
address string

The wavefront proxy address. Ex: